Art Can Kill, by Bryan Cooke, published by Art World Publishing.

Now in Bookstores Bryan Cooke's Book about Crooks, Clowns & Connoisseurs in Today's Art World.

About the Book!

Art Can Kill offers a window into the lives of celebrities and contemporary art figures, including stories of Larry Gagosian, Larry Flynt, Dr. Armand Hammer, Joan Rivers, Norton Simon, Frank Gehry, and many more.

As an art handler who moves million-dollar works for a living, the author is often mistaken as “just a delivery boy,” giving him an unfiltered peek into some of the strangest and darkest corners of the art world. From vain movie stars and eccentric artists to forgers and scammers, this book exposes a subculture far more provocative and corrupt than most realize.

Art Can Kill also reveals the dangers of art handling and how carelessness—from a need to rush, to be right at all costs, to save a buck—is the most common killer of art, sometimes even threatening the art movers themselves.

Reader beware: you will never see a Dali, watch a Disney animation, or view certain renowned gallery owners, artists, and celebrities the same way again.

Art Can Kill Book Author Bryan Cook

About the Author

Author Bryan Cooke has been in the art services business for over 50 years. Recently awarded L.A.’s “100 Most Fascinating People” and “Best Art Services Business,” Bryan is an expert in art logistics, packing, and sculpture rigging.

The Conversation Art Podcast

Epis. 339A- Bryan Cooke talks about his new book “Art Can Kill: The Art World’s Crooks, Clowns & Connoisseurs”. The interview starts at the 4:05 mark. ENJOY!

Sneak Peek

Sneak a peek into a scene that shows just how dramatic, comical, and dangerous art moving can really be.

Art Can Kill Book by Bryan Cook